Message from Douglas Randolph

Torsional Vibration/Damage
A Notice From Douglas Randolph

Attn: All Customer
Ref: System Performance

For the past several years we have seen our customers increasingly being trapped by torsional problems which present themselves after a pumping system is manufactured and delivered.

Pump manufacturers assume responsibility for system performance in most cases. Project specifications do not always require that a torsional analysis be performed on the system. When torsional problems present themselves, the pump manufacturer must resolve the problems. The cost to the pump manufacturer is very high at this point, and in many cases may cause a loss on the project.

Every project which requires a diesel engine driver should have torsional analysis performed on the system. The initial cost of the torsional analysis is minimal compared to replacing equipment already purchased after the torsional problem is discovered. We encourage you to see that the torsional analysis be performed, and encourage engineering firms to require the analysis in their specifications. By doing this we help to create a level bidding field on projects, since everyone bidding would then be aware that the analysis was required. Also, it would be evident that every effort to eliminate torsional damage to the system was taken during the design and material specification stages of the project.

We have enclosed our engineering bulletin, and a list of torsional couplings which we have made available from stock for our products.
Please pass this information along to your colleagues.

Douglas Randolph